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If you’re someone that loves to shop and loves getting a good deal (who doesn’t?) then you’ve probably come across a little store known as the Bath and Body Works Outlet.

According to this website all about Bath and Body Works Outlets: these stores sell many of the same items that the “regular” retail store sells, but at a significantly discounted rate. Sometimes, this particular website reports, discounts can get up to 50%. Considering that Baht and Body Works items aren’t the cheapest products on the planet, these savings can really add up.

Bath and Body Works Outlet

However, when I actually went to my local Bath and Body Works outlet (in the Chicago, Illinois area), I was surprised to find that the items weren’t really the same ones that are in the mall-based store. While they had similar categories of items, most of the things on the shelves were products that I had never heard of.

It turns out that these products were discontinued or damaged, hence the reason that they weren’t at the real store. Although they were cheap, they weren’t really what I wanted or what I happened to have on my little wish list. Although I really did want to enjoy my experience at the Bath and Body Works outlet, I have to admit I was a little disappointed.

Bath and Body Works Discontinued Products

It”s one of the most tragic moments of a shopper’s life: you walk into your favorite store in order to buy the same item you have bought dozens (if not hundreds) of times before. But in this case, when you walk into Bath & Body, you instead see that your favorite shampoo or soap is now one of the Bath and Body Works discontinued products.

Why Bath and Body Works Discontinued Products Exist

Why would Bath and Body Works get rid of an item that you love?

There are several possible reasons, including:

  • Poor sales: One person is not enough to keep a product on the shelf. If a product isn’t selling particularly well, they may decide to pull that particular product to make room for something that actually sells.
  • Market strategy: Sometimes stores decide to shift gears and start selling some new market. Sometimes popular products can be a victim is they do not fit into the company’s new brand strategy over the long term.

Fortunately, you can still find discontinued products if you shop online or ask stores to show you what they have in the back. That way, you can get your hands on Bath and Body Works discontinued products even when they aren’t on the shelf any longer.

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